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Home health care Frequently Asked Questions:

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What is home health care?
Just as the name implies, home health care is the ability to provide services in the patient's home. Most experts agree that the home is the best environment for healing. View our section on "Services Available" for more information.

Patients can benefit from home health care by alleviating the need for extended stays in a hospital or a nursing home.
What services are available in the home?
People are often amazed at the number of services that can be performed in the home. We can send nurses, nursing assistants, physical, speech and occupational therapists in the home.  We also have respite care to allow caregivers a deserved break.

Other services such as X-Rays, phlebotomy, medical equipment, and many other services can be done without leaving home. View our section on "Services Available" for more information.
How much does it cost?
Home health care is covered by Medicare (Either Part A or B), Medicaid and most private insurance. If you don't meet the admitting criteria or are opting for a service not covered by your insurer, you may elect to pay "out of pocket" for services. Please visit our section on "Costs and Considerations".
Does my insurance cover the cost of care?
Most health plans cover the cost of home health care. However, each plan may have certain conditions or criteria that must be met in order to qualify. Also, many insurers require the patient to use a home health agency this is part of their provider network. 

Interested parties should contact their insurer to obtain further information.
Isn't home health just for seniors?
There is no age range for clients of home health care agencies. Of course, senior citizens are the greater portion of our patients, but many people who need assistance get home health care at any age for themselves, their grandparents, or their infants. It all depends on your needs.
How do I know what services I need?
The services you receive are generally prescribed by your physician. In most cases, the doctor will recommend home health care. A nurse is sent from the home health agency, she along with the doctor, the patient, and the Agency, determine what services would benefit the patient most.

Though all services need a doctor's order, anyone can opt for non-medical services, usually a nursing assistant, for respite care, at any time. The client simply calls the Agency and requests the services needed and we would follow up with your doctor.
What is custodial care?
This is a very important area, especially when Medicare is the insurer. Medicare will cover the cost of home health care by a certified agency. In most cases, patients are under the care of a home health agency for a limited time, 60 days is the initial "episode". Patients sometimes become very used to having a person assist them with personal care duties and want to continue those services. However, Medicare ONLY covers services associated with the treatment of a condition. Once the patient's goals have been met, the patient is discharged from care. Patients may opt to continue receiving care at their own expense.
I have Medicare and I enrolled into a health plan, advantage plan (aka managed care), why can't I get services from Heritage Homecare?
Some people who have Medicare have elected to enroll into health plans such as those offered by Blue Cross/Blue Shield®, AvMed®, Humana®, and others. These are referred to as managed care companies, also know as health maintenance organizations (HMO's). Once a person enrolls into one of these plans, Medicare pays the HMO anywhere from $600.00 to $1,200.00 (est.) each month to be responsible for all of that person's care (meeting Medicare coverage). In essence, this person has waived all of their rights to care and has agreed to accept the care from the HMO and its providers. That person must use the HMO's providers or pay for services that may otherwise be covered by Medicare, out of their own pocket. To disenroll from an HMO, new steps must be taken, you should call 1-800 MEDICARE.
What is a nurse registry?
Any company in Florida can obtain a license from the State to become a Nurse Registry, so long as they meet the applicable licensing criteria. Typically, a Nurse Registry can only accept private insurance and out of pocket payers. These companies can offer similar services.  However, these companies are NOT certified by Medicare and do not meet the licensing requirements home health agencies must meet to maintain licensure. Further, certified agencies must meet Federal standards for home health services. Further, most nurse registries hire staff as independent contractors. In some instances, independent contractors may not have liability insurance, workers compensation insurance, and/or be bonded. Customers should demand this information for their protection. The staff of Heritage Homecare is fully insured and bonded, if and where applicable.
I have home care from Agency A, but am not happy, what can I do?
Anyone can get home health care from nearly any home health agency (depending on the insurer). If you are not satisfied with the staff or quality of care you are receiving, you should first try contacting the Agency Administrator and voice your concerns. If you are still not satisfied, you can change agencies with a few phone calls. Contact your Doctor and tell him about your request. In most cases, another agency can continue services the very next day. In Florida, if you have a complaint, you can call the Agency Hotline at 888-419-3456.
Why should I choose Heritage Homecare?
Heritage Homecare is family owned and operated. In this day of multinational corporations where everyone is a "number," Heritage Homecare makes every attempt to have each client receive personalized attention. Heritage Homecare is one of a few companies clients can call and speak directly to one of the owners if they desire. The owners have a over 50 years of combined experience in home health care.

We've cared for family members of our employees and we've even treated members of our own staff in their time of need. Their confidence in choosing Heritage Homecare speaks for itself.  So if you or a loved one needs home health care, call us at 954-452-8100.

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