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Heritage Homecare accepts clients with Medicare.

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Medicare Clients - Click Here
For our Medicare clients:

As a result of the Prospective Payment System, any Medicare patient who is under the care of a home health agency must receive supplies and certain Medicare Part B services by the home health provider or their contractor. Please call for details. For more information, visit Medicare's website, view Medicare's Home Health Booklet (PDF Format).

Services furnished under Medicare have specific criteria which must be met in order for services to be covered and may differ from state to state. 

Medicare requires that a physician certify that a patient is confined to his/her home.  A homebound patient is one who is confined to the home.  Generally speaking, a patient will be considered homebound if he/she has a condition due to an illness or injury that restricts his/her ability to leave his/her place of residence.  Absences from the home must be infrequent and of a short duration. These absences may include absences for medical treatment and/or services at an adult day care that is licensed or certified by the State, or accredited, to furnish adult day care services.

Medicare services may only be rendered with the specific orders (prescription) of a physician.  This would also require a qualifying diagnosis. As of January 1, 2011, Medicare will require the client to have a face to face visit with a physician or his/her designate prior to start of services or no later than 30 days from start of care.

Medicare only allows for home health aide services when a qualifying service is being rendered.  This would include Skilled nursing, Psychiatric nursing, or Speech and/or Physical therapy.
In the State of Florida, patients who reside in an assisted living facility are eligible for home health care services, so long as the assisted living facility does NOT provide those services.

Patients who reside in a skilled nursing facility are not eligible for home health care services under Medicare. In most cases, these facilities already provide a similar service.
Private Insurance, Long Term Care, or Home Health Policies - Click Here
For our clients with Private Insurance, Long Term Care or Home Health policies:

Heritage Homecare will refer you to a third party licensed provider for services as we no longer provide this service. 
Private Pay (Out-of-Pocket) - Click Here
For our Private Pay (Out of Pocket) clients:

Heritage Homecare offers skilled services on a per visit basis. Services are billed in advance as determined at start of care.

Hourly services: Heritage Homecare will refer you to a third party licensed provider for services as we no longer provide this service.

All Clients and Patients - Click Here
For all of our clients:

Some services available are provided under arrangement or directly through third parties.  Those services may be billed to you and/or your insurance separately from the services provided by Heritage Homecare.   

The availability of some services may be limited. We recommend that you call 48 hours in advance to allow for scheduling. We do have the capability for "last minute" situations. Interested parties should call for additional information and/or availability.

You are welcome to view our Home Health Agency license from the Agency for Health Care Administration or you can view our Civil Rights and Non-Discrimination Policy.